Team Terner



early Team Terner

Already as children we took every opportunity to imagine life in Greenland, including snowball fights, eating chocolate to get energy and looking out for polar bears.

We never had a dog so we had to drag the sledges ourselves.

As for polar bears we got ours recently.

One day we found Greenland on a globe, not exactly where we thought it was, but at least now we knew which way to travel.


We set out to find out as much as possible about Greenland, going to the Travel Agency to buy our tickets, visiting the National Museum and the library.
As we would be there in the winter and the weather forecast said -42 C, we knew we needed a great deal of humour, a lot of warm clothes, and plenty of chocolate.



Kartoon about Greenland

We were very serious about shopping for the outfits we needed in Greenland
We did not have to rob a bank to go there - but at least the Balaclavas would help keep us warm.

fra grønlandsdagbog      fra grønlandsdagbog

Rob shoppers
fra grønlandsdagbog

 From the surveillance camera !

fra grønlandsdagbog

 Ray ban ?

Sproget ville vi også lære, men det er smadder nemt bare man kender  
1:ataaseq   2:marlik    3:pingasut   
Her ses lidt af et brev på dansk/grønlandsk.
Godmorgataaseq Ulla,
Det er lidt ærgeligt, mataaseq dataaseq er sværere at finde ord, man kan bruge marluk og pingasut i.
Mataaseq jeg skal nok øve mig.
Kærlig hilsataaseq
Kirsten - en af de maluk Terner søspingasut!

Be prepared 
Being very organized we covered the metal parts of our glasses with tape to prevent them freezing to the skin.
Maybe that was not really necessary as no one else seemed to have problems with their glasses, or looked as stupid as we did.
Nothing could stop us now ....
and we were the first to get of the plane in Kangerlussuaq Friday morning.

fra grønlandsdagbog                    fra grønlandsdagbog

After unpacking we put on all our clothes and went on a sightseeing trip around the town and in the area, which included a visit to the harbour, the area round Kelly Ville, a tour of the former American Base "Bluie West 8".

fra grønlandsdagbog

Road to the airport  "rush hour"         

fra grønlandsdagbog

The busy main street          

Kangerlussuaq is a rather small town with the airport right at the centre, and a few other buildings, including a pizzeria serving musk ox–pizza, though we never got round to tasting that.
Some 550 people live there, and they have all kind of vehicles, all of them made to
drive in the extreme cold climate on ice- and snow covered roads

fra grønlandsdagbog                    fra grønlandsdagbog
            Garage for sledge-taxies            Puppy power
fra grønlandsdagbog                    fra grønlandsdagbog
              The ultimate bus              Belt-rigs haws
fra grønlandsdagbog                    fra grønlandsdagbog
                         Food bus  Russian bus without missiles
fra grønlandsdagbog                    fra grønlandsdagbog
              Snowscooter cabriolet   Orange not being our color we
decided not to join the snow-
scooters going to camp out
in the open for a couple of days

nordlys fra grønlandsdagbog                    nordlys fra grønlandsdagbog
The northern lights are a fascinating phenomenon caused by collisions between the sun’s electrically charged particles and molecules and atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The spectacular show takes place in the upper atmosphere at a height of approximately 100 kilometres and can best be compared to candles flickering in the wind at night.

A well-known legend relates that when the northern lights dance in the night sky,
it means that the dead are playing football with a walrus skull.

Today certain tribes think that children will be particularly intelligent
if they are born in the magical glow of the northern lights.

Team Terner

Saturday was dog sleighing day. We got dressed for the occasion, which meant putting on an extra layer of sealskin trousers and anorak on top of our own clothes.

fra grønlandsdagbog
This made moving about very difficult, but since the dogs and the driver were doing all the work, we managed to sit on the sledge and enjoy the sound of the dogs, the frozen ice and the view of the frozen fjord, the blue sky and the strong sun shining down on us. It was a great experience.
fra grønlandsdagbog
and off we went               
fra grønlandsdagbog

fra grønlandsdagbog

Sunday a specially built off-road truck with chains on all 8 wheels took us to Inland Ice - at point 660. The road was built by the VW-factory which had a test centre out on the ice to test new cars under extreme conditions, far away from reporters and photographers.

fra grønlandsdagbog

The road went 40 km through the beautiful breathtaking landscape.

fra grønlandsdagbog
There we were on the edge of the enormous ice desert and starting to actually walk to the icecap.
The ice cap - up to three kilometers thick - covers an area 14 times the size of England.

fra grønlandsdagbog
The ice cap took us by surprise, we thought is would just be ice and it was,
but what beautiful ice it was, absolutely huge, extremely quiet, very colourful
and also rather slippery.
fra grønlandsdagbog
YES   -   WE MADE IT      

fra grønlandsdagbog                    fra grønlandsdagbog

Every night we drove out to restaurant Roklubben at Lake Ferguson, the lake that supplies Kangerlussuaq with fresh water.
They serve excellent food and Sunday they made a huge buffet with all kind of dishes using local produce from Greenland; we had the chance to taste many different kinds of fish, shellfish, seal, reindeer, whales and musk ox. Most of it tasted very good – and at least we tried it all. Later they showed how to make Greenland coffee with whipped cream and different kinds of alcohol,
set to fire to simulate the northern lights

fra grønlandsdagbog

Early on Monday it started to snow, and we hurried out to experience the snowflakes, the special light and the sound of the dogs howling. We completely forgot all about our alarm clock but when we returned much later all the others residents in the hostel had heard it, which was very embarrassing.

fra grønlandsdagbog                  fra grønlandsdagbog  
Later on Monday we went on Safari.
The day was very grey and foggy and the landscape seemed so surreal, but we were lucky to see reindeers, huge ravens and musk oxen.
fra grønlandsdagbog

A group of 6 musk oxen feeding on grey leaf willow shrubs. More than 3,000 musk oxen live in the area around Kangerlussuaq but as the annually hunt had just finished most of them had wisely left the area.

fra grønlandsdagbog

On the last night we were luckily to get to see the northern lights again, a great way to say good bye.
We had a great time and an unforgettable experience in this fantastic place. It has an impressive landscape with the ice and snow and the light creating a beauty like nowhere else.

We experienced so much, and yet we were only there for just over four days.

fra grønlandsdagbog
Here we are on the plane going back home. Bye from Team Terner